School of Open, Nigeria


SOO-logoSchool of Open is a global community of volunteers providing free

online courses, face-to-face workshops, and

innovative training programs on the meaning, application, and

impact of “openness” in the digital age. Learn how to add a

Creative Commons license to your work, find free resources for classroom use, open up

your research, remix a music video, and more!

Below are links to the School of Open training we have organized

*         School of Open 2014: School of Open 2014 was hosted by the Nigerian Institute of

Advanced Legal Studies, University of Lagos

*          School of Open 2015: Tagged ‘Adopt a School’ series, This year, we are collaborating with Wikimedia Nigeria and Mozilla Webmaker to train high school students on how to create content and share on the internet.

Schools are welcome to invite a team to come adopt them. Please send an email to