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Outernet Launches Support for CC Nigeria’s Adopt A School Project

In its bid to spread its tentacles to all unreached parts of the world, Outernet is supporting an online campaign for projects that improves knowledge and internet access.

Creative Commons Nigeria’s Adopt a School project was selected as one of the projects to receive funding from the online campaign.

Adopt a School project is an offshoot of the School of Open which seeks to promote open education. We adopt a school for five weeks teaching them create content for the internet. Specific tools are Wikipedia, Mozilla Webmaker and Creative Commons licenses.

Our application link is http://donate.outernet.is/adopt-a-school-nigeria, please share with your networks and support the application as much as you can

For more information on this application, please reach

Kayode Yussuf

Tech Lead,

Creative Commons Nigeria


Outernet Seeks to work with Creative Commons Nigeria

Gizmodo’s graphical representation of ‘Outernet’

With slow or no internet access plaguing more than 60% of the world’s population, organizations like Outernet have come to find a solution to this dearth of access to basic information.

Touted as Humanity’s Public Library, Outernet is gathering the most important information from the Internet and broadcasting it to the entire world from space. For free.

Outernet has three specific goals:

*   to provide information without censorship for educational and emergency purposes.

*  to provide access to “courseware,” which includes textbooks, videos, and software.

* to provide alternative access when access to regular Internet connection is down for any reason.

As the name suggests, Outernet provides information anywhere in the world without passing through our crowded internet routes. If you want to access Wikipedia for instance, you need to go through the internet either on your phone or via a computer connected to an internet service provider. Outernet provides a free content distribution system that would provide basic web access broadcast via a series of geostationary and LEO satellites, as well as cube satellites using a combination of datacasting and User Datagram Protocols.

What Outernet has done is to store up basic information on a satellite in space. To access this information, all you need is a portable device (a lantern or a lighthouse).

After the initial purchase of the device, you have free access to information on the satellite.

Gidmozo’s representation of the Lantern

Outernet’s devices are designed to work in the most rugged areas where there is limited or no power  and where regular internet access will not reach.

Outernet’s Thane Richard was in Kampala in June 2015 to host an Outernet  hackatron at the Mosfest Uganda 2015

Creative Commons Nigeria ‘Adopt a School’ Series


Week 1 of the School of Open ‘Adopt a School’ went successfully.

Students were taught on creating Wikipedia accounts. Next week, we will move to creating and editing articles.

Thirty students participated in the training.

Click here to see pictures in this link.

Interested schools in Lagos that want to get involved to send an email to kayode@creativecommonsng.org

Please note that:

  1. This training is free of charge, neither the school nor the organizers will pay to any other party for the running of the training;
  2. The school will select a day and will allocate time to the organizers for the training to hold each week.
  3. The school will provide a training centre, computers and power to run the training
  4. The school will nominate students that will participate in the training; this will be dependent on the amount of computers the school has. Every participant must have access to a computer.
  5. The school will nominate teachers (Computer science, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and other teachers dimmed fit for the training;
  6. The training centre must be airy and conducive for learning. It must not be rowdy;
  7. The organizers will bring the resource persons;
  8. The organizers will bring internet access;
  9. The organizers will bring training materials.

Creative Commons Nigeria Completes 12-Week CopyrightX Class

After twelve rigorous weekends of learning, sharing and writing exams, 27 participants have completed the Harvard CopyrightX training and have written the exams.

CopyrightX is an annual 12 week training which explores the  local copyright laws; blending copyright law with art, entertainment, and the creative industry at large;

Despite challenges like national and state elections in Nigeria, the training still ran from February 7 till April 25, 2015 at the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of Lagos, Akoka with the participants enthusiastic to learn.

There were debates concerning how copyright laws should be reformed to suit the current challenges we face in the protection and distribution of creative works.

Faculties for the training this year included Mrs. Helen Chuma-Okoro (a Research Fellow at the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS), Open A.I.R Fellow, University of Cape Town; and Open A.I.R West Africa Hub Coordinator), Mrs. Ifeoma Oluwasemilore ( authorCopyright expert and law lecturer in University of Lagos, Mr. Ayodele Kusamotu (Managing Partner of Kusamotu and Kusamotu and Legal Lead of Creative Commons Nigeria) and Kayode Yussuf who spoke on Creative Commons Licenses. Barrister Idrees Ibrahim served as training coordinator.

It is important to note that all CopyrightX materials are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Please click here to see the permissions on the materials. Prof William W. Fisher of Harvard Law School also wrote a review on the successes of the CopyrightX courses which he tagged ‘Lessons from CopyrightX‘.

CopyrightX will continue next year, interested participants should check theis website for updates, follow Creative Commons Nigeria on twitter (@CC_Nigeria) and on facebook.

Creative Commons Launches Creative Tee Shirts


  Courtesy: Creative Commons

Creative Commons headquarters is joining the Noun Project, and Teespring are to announce an awesome, limited edition commemorative t-shirt celebrating our wonderful logo, the double ‘C’ in a circle logo.

The Creative Commons logo and license icons logo which was acquired by The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) announced ]currently featured as part of a new exhibit called, “This Is for Everyone: Design Experiments for the Common Good.”

During the exhibition, the Creative Commons logo and license icons for Attribution, ShareAlike, Noncommercial, and NoDerivatives were featured alongside universal designs such as the @symbol and the International Symbol for Recycling.

Friends and supporters of Creative Commons are encouraged to buy their commemorative shirts via http://teespring.com/creativecommons. You better act fast, the stocks are depleting. Sample of the shirt is pasted below.





Creative Commons Nigeria Hosts 12-Week CopyrightX Class

Courtesy: cyber.law.harvard.edu/

Creative Commons Nigeria is partnering with the HarvardX distance-learning initiative, and the Berkman Center for Internet and Society to host a twelve week training tagged CopyrightX.

CopyrightX is an annual 12 week training which explores the  local copyright laws; blending copyright law with art, entertainment, and the creative industry at large; The training will run from February 7 till April 25, 2015.

There will also be debates concerning how copyright laws should be reformed to suit the current challenges we face in the protection and distribution of creative works.

This year’s CopyRightX will be anchored by Mrs. Helen Chuma-Okoro and Mrs. Ifeoma Oluwasemilore, both copyright law experts and they will be on ground to guide participants. The anchors will get support from Barrister Idrees Ibrahim.

Though registration for CopyrightX is closed, interested participants can follow the course and participate physically every Saturday at the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of Lagos, Akoka.

It is important to note that all CopyrightX materials are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Please click here to see the permissions on the materials. Prof William W. Fisher of Harvard Law School also wrote a review on the successes of the CopyrightX courses which he tagged ‘Lessons from CopyrightX‘.

The map below shows (in blue) the countries of residence of the students who have taken the online course and (in red) the countries in which the affiliated courses have been or are currently based.


Map of CopyrightX affiliates courtesy www.copyx.org

Creative Commons Global Affiliate Network releases CC Affiliates Mixtape #1

Creative Commons Affiliates Mixtape #1

Courtesy: Tumblr

Musical works are one of our highly licensed works. The recent Creative Commons  State of the Commons Report reviewed that over 400,000 CC licensed songs have been shared via Jamendo, an independent online platform.

Plans for the mixtape started with a suggestion from CC Polish team that the CC 12th birthday be celebrated with MUSIC. Teresa Nobre led the project and yaaay, our mixtape was born.

In 24 hours, the mixtape had 3500 downloads and 6000 listens.

The mixtape features 25 songs from 25 global affiliate countries and already has a twitter

Courtesy: Twitter

Courtesy: Twitter

hashtag (#CCMixtape1) which Creative-Commoners worldwide are already exploring.

The mixtape is accessible via Free Music Archive and on SoundCloud.


Sharing is Caring


Sharing is caring and caring is loving right? Yes, that is the Creative Commons Philosophy. SHARE!!!!!!!!
Its unbelievable that the Creative Commons License Suite is 12 years already. Yaaaay

In twelve years, we have been able to influence how governments share data, how professionals share knowledge, the open education space etc…… Really, the list is endless.

Want to influence how people share information? Give Creative Commons a birthday gift, make a donation to Creative Commons today.

We have hit the ‘billionth licences’ work mark, ‘Open Textbooks’ have saved students $100 million dollars and we are not ready to relent. Join us make this world a share-able place, share, learn and donate.

How you can help
1) Today is CC’s 12th Birthday! Please amplify:
2) We have just hit send on mailing our community along with past and present donors about the Brin Wojcicki challenge. Please also spread this message widely to your networks:

Double your donation

One more quick note. It’s been a busy day.

We just received a wonderful gift for our 12th anniversary: the Brin Wojcicki Foundation is giving to CC to match all of your donations from now until the end of the year!

Every dollar you donate will now be doubled by funds from the Brin Wojcicki Foundation.

Thank you again for your support. Please consider making a donation today.                    Support Creative Commons

Happy 12th birthday Creative Commons

School of Open Waxes Stronger and Stronger


Created with flickr slideshow.


After three weeks of excitement, School of Open Nigeria keeps waxing stronger and stronger.


Participants are learning new things and the excitement just will not stop.

Watch out for Week 4 this saturday as the fantastic duo of Oyeniyi Immanuel (Steamsowers and Kohn) & Oyeyemi Immanuel (Templars & Associates) will speak on Copyright Management (informal measures & supplements to copyrights), Contracts and licenses with Alternative models/para-copyright/copyright: open content licenses.


Mr Babafemi Ogunmade of Linux Professional Institute will continue with the Linux training. All participants already have Linux running on their laptops, if you do not have Linux running yet; please try come earlier so we can fix you up.


And finally, Kayode Yussuf of Creative Commons Nigeria will round up with a Mozilla Webmaker Party.


Venue is Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, beside University of Lagos Guest House, University of Lagos Akoka.


Plan to attend.